SBIRT in Schools;
Mastering SBIRT

Mastering SBIRT Workshop is a newly developed 3 hour long skills training to increase confidence and skills in responding to the CRAFFT-II screening results using Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques. The training includes discussion and practice of the REACT model for healthy reinforcement of healthy decisions (negative CRAFFT screening) and the Brief Negotiated Interview model to be used for discussion with those students who screen positive for substance use. Discussion about referral, consent and confidentiality as well as a closer look about how to talk to teens about substances will be included. NOTE: this training DOES NOT replace the requirement for all school health personnel involved in SBIRT screening to attend the required SBIRT in Schools Training: Introduction to Verbal Substance Use Screening Using the CRAFFT-II training.

To request a Mastering SBIRT workshop in your district, please complete the SBIRT in Schools Training Request Form on the MASBIRT in Schools website.