Racial Equity in School Health: A Groundwater Approach

This multi-disciplinary workshop is designed to establish a foundational understanding of how race-based structural inequities impact school health access and outcomes. This foundation will provide school administrators, school nurses, athletic trainers, school counselors and others with basic tools to refine practice and management systems to create more inclusive, safe and effective student experiences in health offices and across school campuses. With its focus on equity and diverse populations, this course enables educators to meet ESL (RETELL) professional development requirements in accordance with 603 CMR 44.06(1)(a).

School districts are encouraged to send school health teams (i.e., nurses, counselors, athletic trainers, psychologists, and administrators) to this program.

This workshop is offered by the Racial Equity Institute (REI) out of Greensboro, NC, in collaboration with the School Health Institute for Education and Leadership Development (SHIELD) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health School Health Services.