Online Trainings

The following organizations offer a wide variety of online nursing and public health training options.

American Nurses Association (ANA) - - Extensive collection of online continuing education courses offered, most have fees

Boston Children’s Hospital Nursing | Community Education Initiative - - Boston Children's Hospital specialists provide updates on current trends and nursing/medical management of the pediatric population for school nurses, educators, healthcare providers and others

Local Public Health Institute of Massachusetts (LPHI) - - Offers an extensive collection of free On Your Time emergency preparedness, environmental health, and population health trainings

Mental Health USA – Mental Health First Aid Training

National Association of School Nurses (NASN) - - Offers webinars, podcasts, and online CNE courses. Fees may be applied.

New England Public Health Training Center (NEPHTC) - - Offers a wide range of free online trainings ranging from storytelling to systems thinking.

Population Health Exchange (PHX)

TRAIN - - National Learning network providing public health training, free, many offer continuing education credit

Concussion Management in Massachusetts Schools
Format: Self-paced
Estimated Time to Complete: 90 minutes
Price: FREE

Audience: School coaches, school physicians, athletic trainers, nurses, athletic directors, marching band directors, students and their parents who participate in an extracurricular athletic activity, and other trainers and volunteers involved in extracurricular sports

Course: This course contains four lessons with information about concussions, related Massachusetts laws and regulations, and guidelines for students to return to learn and play. After completion of a pre-test, post-test, and evaluation, a certificate of completion will be issued that satisfies the annual training requirement in Massachusetts regulation 105 CMR 201.007.

For Clinicians: Note this course is eligible for participation credit only. For CME credit, see courses offered by MA Medical Society or CDC.

Community Health Assessment: Using Health Models to Explore the Determinants of Health
What are the frameworks used to define the health of a population?

Format: Self-paced
Estimated Time to Complete: 1 Hour
Price: Free

Course: In this module you will learn that improving the health of populations is complex work and demands that we define health broadly, that we measure all aspects of health – thinking about cause and effect – and that we recognize the fact that the health system is only one part of the solution for improving health.

Grant Writing Basics
What are the best practices you should know to write a winning grant proposal and maintain long-term support?

Format: Self-paced
Estimated Time to Complete: 1.5 Hours
Price: Free

Course: Learners will uncover the essential components of grant writing, including where to find the right funding, the implications of different application processes, and the structural components of a grant proposal. Learners will also have the opportunity to assist a program manager with writing a grant for a hypothetical scenario.

Holding Effective Meetings
How can you make the best use of employee time in meetings? Learn about the key components to running a successful meeting.

Format: Self-paced
Estimated Time to Complete: 1 Hour
Price: Free

Course: Have you ever attended a meeting that was disorganized, took much longer than it should have, and ended with nothing to show for it? We've all been made to sit through these types of meetings at some point in our careers and we've all come to despise them. Not only are these meetings annoying to the attendees, but they are also a huge waste of one of our most valuable resources: time.

In this course, we'll look at how to put an end to these "time-wasters" and, instead, execute an effective meeting.

Storytelling for Public Health Course
This free, online storytelling course is a one-hour, self-paced session that introduces the art of telling or writing stories as an effective communication tool in public health practice.

Format: Self-paced
Estimated Time to Complete: 90 minutes
Price: FREE

Training for Licensed Professionals to Meet Chapter 260 Requirements

Price: Free

Course: As part of the Acts of 2014, Chapter 260, An Act Relative to Domestic Violence, Section 9, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health was tasked with creating a domestic and sexual violence training for professionals receiving licensure from the:
  • Board of Registration in Medicine
  • Board of Registration in Nursing
  • Board of Registration of Physician Assistants
  • Board of Nursing Home Administrators
  • Board of Registration of Social Workers
  • Board of Registration of Psychologists
  • Board of Registration of Allied Mental Health and Human Services Professions