Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all SHIELD live workshops have been suspended.
We are actively working to transition all live mandated courses to an online format. Check back regularly for updates on our home page.

Greetings from the School Health Unit

…We are living in unprecedented times, during pandemics of illness and racism, and at a time when protections for some people are at risk. This is requiring us to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Some of us may feel discomfort when faced with our own and institutional privilege, many of us are extremely uncomfortable with the unknown that COVID-19 presents. However, discomfort often precedes personal and societal growth, and I urge you, in the words of one of my go-to gurus Brené Brown, to choose “courage over comfort” and “accountability over blame.” We need to lean into our discomfort and vulnerability in order to move forward in any meaningful way… See more.

Karen Robitaille, MBA, MSN, RN, NCSN, Director of School Health Services

Now Open!

Medication Administration in Schools

This course will be delivered as a hybrid online/live zoom training. Several sessions are being offered in June. Click here for more information

Coming Soon!

School and Community Health Equity Needs Assessment (SCHENA)

Course participants will receive an email when lessons are ready. Note learners can continue to post assignments for feedback from Dr. Belanoff.

Mandated Courses for School Nurse Licensure

SHIELD is actively working on transitioning all mandated courses to online options. We anticipate opening School Heath Screening Training and SBIRT in Schools by the end of June.

The live Foundations of School Nursing Practice sessions are also being transitioned online and should be available by August.

Announcements on course availability will be made on SHIELD’s home page, check back regularly.

Interested in other online learning opportunities? See the Online Trainings page for recommendations.

Featured training: Storytelling for Public Health

This free, online storytelling course is a one-hour, self-paced session that introduces the art of telling or writing stories as an effective communication tool in public health practice. For more information and to participate, please visit this website.

SHIELD is a collaboration among the Boston University School of Public Health Activist Lab, the Boston University School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education Office and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.