Each day will run 8:00AM – 12:30PM with 2, 15 minute breaks

Tuesday, June 9:

  • The power of mindsets
  • A description of different theories of mindset
  • The impact of positive emotions on interventions
  • The mindset of effective professionals

Wednesday, June 10:

  • The importance of empathy
  • Exercises to promote empathy
  • Empathic communication and dealing with challenging situations
  • The stories and metaphors of at-risk children and adults
  • The relevance of using our own childhood experiences to guide what we do personally and professionally

Thursday, June 11:

  • Frameworks and strategies for creating “motivating environments”
  • Identifying and reinforcing “islands of competence”
  • Developing “stress hardiness” and minimizing burnout
  • Assuming personal control and changing “negative scripts”
  • The power of connections/Actions contributing to contentment and happiness

Friday, June 12:

  • The features of a “resilient mindset”
  • Strategies to nurture this mindset in ourselves and others