Candace Belanoff, Carol Dolan, Mary Ann Gapinski, Carol Smith

Candace Belanoff, ScD, MPH

Candice Belanoff is a Maternal and Child Health Epidemiologist with a particular interest in the relationship of social forces and inequities to patterns of population health. Current research activities involve social disparities in breastfeeding; adolescent/young adult pregnancy and parenting; health outcomes related to cesarean delivery; substance use among women of reproductive age; and health outcomes related to assisted reproductive technology.

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Carol Dolan, PhD

Carol A. Dolan, Ph.D. is Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences (CHS) at Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) where she focuses on the social and behavioral sciences, social-contextual determinants, and mental health. Her courses include Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health (SB721), Stress as a Public Health Problem (SB730), and Mental Health and Public Health: A Social and Behavioral Sciences Perspective (SB780). In 2016, Dr. Dolan will launch a new course, Social Factors: A Contextual Framework for Public Health Research and Practice. As a working member of the “Public Health – Mental Health Connections” project, Dr. Dolan collaborates with students, faculty and staff to assess and evaluate BUSPH’s activities in education, research and practice related to the intersection of public health and mental health. Her past research, publications and presentations have focused on stress and health in various contexts, including the effects of psychosocial factors and stress on cardiovascular health, stress and coping in minority women. Specifically, Dr. Dolan conducted program evaluation and data management in public health based projects on substance abuse, injury prevention and sexual assault. She also served as a research scientist with Walter Reed Research Unit (Heidelberg, Germany) conducting quantitative and qualitative research examining the physical and psychological effects of stress among deployed military members. Her work also includes counseling experience with military members and families, with a focus on how deployments and trauma affect family members. Dr. Dolan has over ten years experiencing teaching undergraduate and graduate level online courses. Further, with the University of Maryland’s overseas division, she taught psychology and research courses to military members and their families in 10 countries. A vital aspect of Dr. Dolan’s work as a clinical faculty member is mentoring MPH students who have an interest in public health and mental health research (PHMH) and academics. Past projects include an independent research study evaluating the impact on mindfulness medication on graduate students' wellness, and a project to development teaching tools (including video and online components) for SB780 Mental Health and Public Health: A Social and Behavioral Sciences Perspective. Currently, she is working on a student-faculty collaboration to evaluate the PHMH connection across Boston University’s School of Public Health. This project includes a qualitative assessment of current PHMH resources and research, development of a plan to leverage existing PHMH resources, and convening of professional development groups for students seeking careers in PHMH. Currently, Dr. Dolan serves as the department representative for the SPH Education Committee, Faculty Liaison for the CHS Student Advisory Council, and member of the Task Force working on the new MPH Integrated Core Course: Individual, Community and Population Health.

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Mary Ann Gapinski, MSN, RN, NCSN

Mary Ann Gapinski, MSN, RN, NCSN, is the Director of School Health Services for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. In this role, she has the responsibility for the overall delivery of health services, including behavioral health, in the Commonwealth’s private and public schools. She has been the lead presenter for the National Association of School Nurses professional development programs in behavioral health services for school nurses and is a past President of the National Board for Certification of School Nurses. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing and received her Master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

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Carol Smith, MSN RN

BackgroundRegistered Nurse for 45 yearsNeonatal NursingLevel II nursery for 35 yearsPediatric NursingOutpatientStarted with DPH in 2003 as the Immunization Program Coordinator working primarily with federally qualified health centersStarted with School Health Services in 2014 as a School Health AdvisorJuly 2015Assumed the fiscal component of the ESHS grantMy vision as a young child was to be a public health nurse and the journey has led me to school health

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