Welcome, Faculty Introductions, Activity Overview and Pre-test

Patient Case: Assessing Severity of UC

  • Identifying patients who are at high risk for surgery
  • Selecting treatment based on disease severity

Patient Case (cont.): Treatment Decisions for Moderate-to-Severe UC

  • Algorithms (e.g., Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Care Pathway)
  • Anti-TNF agents

- Clinical trial data
- Real-world data

  • Anti-integrin agents

- Clinical trial data
- Real-world data

  • Addressing non-response
  • Monotherapy vs. combination therapy

The Future of UC Treatment in 2017

  • Small molecules in clinical trials
  • Place in therapy for new treatment options

Quality, Safety, and Monitoring in UC

  • Safety concerns in the treatment of UC
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Health Maintenance

Conversation with the Experts/Post-test