Life Threatening Allergies and Epinephrine Training

Activity Details
  • Credit Type: Other
  • Credit Amount: 0.50
  • Cost: Free
  • Release: Jul 1, 2016
  • Expires: Jun 30, 2024
  • Estimated Time to Complete:
    30 Minutes
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Target Audience

Wilmington School District Staff


Gain basic knowledge and skills to prevent and respond to life threatening allergic reactions.

  • Learn the common causes of allergic reactions
  • Recognize warning signs of allergic emergencies
  • Learn how to Identify students for whom epinephrine is prescribed and how to interpret and follow their emergency medication plans
  • Learn how to safely and accurately administer epinephrine via auto injector in a life threatening allergy.


The Boston University School of Medicine certifies this activity for 0.50 hours of participation.