About BUcme.org

BUcme.org is a full-service continuing education solution for healthcare professionals seeking a convenient source of quality accredited continuing healthcare education activities. The website offers activities across a wide-range of therapeutic areas with emphasis placed on those areas most pertinent to the current landscape of healthcare delivery. Most activities are accredited for either continuing medical education (CME) and/or continuing nursing education (CNE) credit.


  • Activities available in multiple formats (PDF, webcast, case study)
  • Full transcript functionality - view a certificate for any completed activity immediately or at a later time
  • Ability to add CME/CNE credits from external sources
  • Activity bookmarking - save an activity for viewing later
  • Indexed faculty members - search for activities by faculty name
  • Activity ratings - share with other BUcme.org members your thoughts on a particular activity.

BUcme.org Navigation

BUcme.org features a main page and topic-based content channels, with a consistent look and feel throughout. Each content channel looks like the main page of BUcme.org with the key difference being that all content on the channel relates to that particular therapeutic area. Wherever you are on BUcme.org, clicking the "Home" link in the blue navigation bar at the top takes you to your default home page and clicking the BUcme.org logo in the upper left corner takes you to the main page. If you have any suggestions on how we can make your experience at BUcme.org better, please don’t hesitate to use our feedback feature and tell us about them.